Left to right: Michelle Zuelzke, Mariellyn Kuske, and Mike Kuske of VitalDyne Medical

VitalDyne, Inc., a contract manufacturer specializing in the manufacture, assembly and packaging of medical devices and components, announced today that it is changing its corporate name to VitalDyne Medical. The name change reflects the company’s specialization in medical device and product development and manufacturing as it drives innovation to help shape the future of medical devices.

“The new VitalDyne Medical name, along with our branding theme and logo, emphasize our expertise and capabilities that we have grown exponentially since the company began operations nearly two decades ago,” reported Michelle Zuelzke, vice president of sales. “As a company, we have become an important manufacturer of implantable and surgical devices used in, cardiovascular, neurology, vascular access, lead stimulation and other surgical procedures. The VitalDyne Medical™ theme, ‘Where vital solutions become dynamic medical products,’ mirrors our total dedication to the medical device industry.”

VitalDyne Medical’s system capabilities range from all types of Excimer, Fiber, Yag, Femtosecond and T-Lasers for processes including Laser Welding, Micro and Macro Laser Marking, Unique Device Identifier (UDI) Laser Marking, Wire ablation, Coating & insulation removal, Multi-lumen cutting, Micro drilling and cutting. VitalDyne Medical additional specialties include sub-assemblies, final product assembly and custom catheters.

The company has medical device customers in Unites States and Canada and has a 36,000-square foot facility that is ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified and FDA approved to meet the needs of these partner customers.

Mike and Mariellyn Kuske, along with their daughter Michelle Zuelzke, started VitalDyne in 2000 as a general contract manufacturer specializing in laser work. As they grew the company and expanded processes, they shifted focus into the medical market which today accounts for 95 percent of the business. Much of this growth was facilitated by their daughter Michelle Zuelzke, who focused on building the company’s medical device capabilities.